Rainwater tank installation for your Taree home or business

A rainwater tank on your property captures the rain that drains off your roof and into your downpipes. This water can then be used throughout your home or commercial property, for flushing toilets, showering, washing clothes or even drinking. 

There are different levels of stringent requirements, depending on what you’re using rainwater for. If using rainwater for drinking is your end goal, our team can help you with the required equipment for your tank. 

Crossingham’s Plumbing Service can install poly or Colorbond rainwater tanks, either above or below ground. While above ground tanks are cheaper, and easier to access for maintenance they are subject to how much space you have and the weather. 

Below ground rainwater tanks have the advantage of being out of sight and not taking up space around your home, however, they are more difficult and more expensive to install and maintain. 

Using rainwater has the potential to save you money in the long run on water charges, though the initial outlay can be costly. 

We take care of all of the plumbing connections for you, including taps, guttering, spouts and even pumps. Contact us today for a quote on installing a rainwater tank in your home or business.

Rainwater Tanks - Plumbing Service in Taree, NSW